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Dear Guest,


I hope you're looking forward to your holiday. Below is all the information that you will need before you set off and for when you first arrive.


The cottage, at 25 Ferrybridge Cottages, Wyke Regis, Weymouth, DT4 9BD, will be ready for your arrival at from 4pm. From whichever direction you approach Weymouth, you should follow the signs to Portland.  If travelling from the north or east, this route will be along the A354.  If coming from the west, you may well enter Weymouth via Chickerell.  Follow the B3157 and the signs to Portland. A map is below to show the route and parking. 


Ferrybridge Cottages are on the left at the bottom of Portland Road.  After passing Dumbarton Road (see map to follow as an attachment) you will see a road sign on an end terrace “leading to Ferrybridge Cottages” - ignore this.  Turn in left at the end of that terrace (see map). It best to park at the back, walk round to the front door and unload your car through the back gate and back door. 



The key box is on the wall of the porch.  The key code will be sent to you via Airbnb message. Pull down the flap to reveal rows of numbers.  Align the numbers in a row.  Then pull down the little switch to the left of the numbers to open the box. There is a key for the backdoor on a hook in the kitchen by the door.


On the day of departure (by 10am), repeat the above process, place the key(s) inside, jumble up the numbers, and push up the outer flap.



How to use the central heating:

The remote control is a little box on a shelf to the left of the dining room fireplace.  The temperature on the display is the current room temperature. To turn the heating on press the button on the top right-hand side of the remote control. To set the number of hours, keep pressing the button. Then turn the dial on the front to set the required temperature (higher or lower). To turn the heating off, press the back button. Please do not try setting any specific times for the heating to come on or off.   If a radiator remains cold, check the valve is open – turn anti-clockwise. 

There is a small local store, very close, 100 yards up the main road on the left, which stays open until 9pm every day, but 8pm on Sundays, where you can buy a pint of milk. There are some larger stores further up the Portland Road.   Also, a new Lidl supermarket has opened November 2019 at Osprey Quay, adjacent to the National Sailing Academy at the Portland end of the Portland Beach Road – 1 mile from the cottage.   The No.1 bus, every 12 minutes goes there.


The beds are all made up ready for you, and bath, hand towels and tea towels are provided and there is a hairdryer in the wardrobe drawer in the front bedroom.


If you need to do washing, although the cottage has a washing machine for small amounts, you may need to use the launderette for drying. There is one on Lanehouse Rocks Road, called Hi-tech dry cleaners and Launderette. Their phone number is 01353 760327.  There is also a dehumidifier in the understairs cupboard which we would ask that you use if drying anything indoors.


Smoking is not allowed in the cottage.


In the cottage you'll see an information folder, which I do advise reading once you've had a rest and cup of tea, as it tells you all other information you may need.


Dustbin day is early on Friday morning so if you could please put the yard bin just outside the back gate on Thursday evening and bring it back in again on Friday when it has been emptied. If it does not get emptied please send me a message.

A window cleaner may call on a Monday while you are there. If he does please let him have access to the back yard.

There is tea and sugar provided and also tea and hand towels and plenty of bin liners.

There is no recycling collection, but if you would like to do this, the nearest centre is on Portland at Lime Kiln, 2 Easton Road.  It's on the left immediately after passing an ESSO garage.


On the day of departure, please place the key(s) back in the key box by 10am.

WiFi Internet Connection

The cottage is set up with WiFi internet connection for you to use, free of charge, while staying at Mariner’s View.


In order to connect your PC/handheld device to the internet via the WiFi you will need to configure your device with the following settings:

SSID                       Vodafone130DCA

Security type           WPA2-PSK

Encryption key        6tH4JLqTEdtFmNzT

If you have any problems connecting to the WiFi, having checked everything is plugged in and switched on, then please phone Andy on 07500 608663.

I wish you a happy and relaxing holiday. If you need to know anything, or to report anything, please message me, or ring me on 07973 755121.  If I miss your call, I will call you back.  I hope you have a lovely holiday.


Kind regards

Esme Burrows


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